Tom has been part of the underground scene for over a decade. His style is known for a balanced mix between minimal and techno. Always keeping technology as a center point in his performance.

For the past years, Tom has been searching for his musical identity. As dj and both producer, he always have been interested by the many different sub styles within minimal and techno. Nowadays he’s on a fine line between the two genres, which crosses a musical edge.

Currently Tom is studying music production at the Rock Academy in Tilburg, Netherlands. Being on an on going journey, Tom now has the confidence to start releasing his own material. With creative sound designs and synthesis his music is both experimental and focused on making people dance.

Determined as he is, he started a new minimal label called miniMahlzeit. Giving artists an opportunity for musical growth and support the crossover style he loves so much.

2015 is going to be a year filled with new goals and achievements, so keep on checking his profile for updates about his career.



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